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CFF 5011 Medicine Gym Ball

2014-07-15    Pre:CFF 5010 Reaction ball     Next:CFF 5050 Unilateral ball rack     Home

CFF 5011  Medicine Gym Ball

"Product information"S material: rubber, vinylS scope of application: the vast majority of the population movementS characteristics: multi-function core strength trainingRubber surface texture, strengthen the holding powerLarge diameter design of diversity training Gravity ball, can also often called medicine ball.Often used to aid the patient's injury recovery, rehabilitation and strength training.It has a very important role in the field of sports medicine.Gravity ball movement is an ancient power. Physique health training method, about 3000 years ago, ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates solid ball is used to prevent the body injury and recovery of the patient.Until the end of the 19th century and the early twentieth century, "health" and "medicine" also belongs to the synonyms.This is the origin of modern gravity ball.Gravity ball training can be used as a reinforcement project.Gravity ball can be used to hitting the ground or wall to enhance the power.Gravity ball training is suitable for all ages, talents, skills, and various kinds of sports. Medicine Ball, also known as the Medicine Ball.Initially used as a hospital patient rehabilitation training equipment.Gradually dissolve in a wider range of fitness exercise.Its core parts of the body exercise and balance of the practice has a very prominent role.Here are some simple and effective method of medicine ball exercise:

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