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CFF 0701 chalk ball

2014-07-18    Pre:CFF 0700 chalk powder     Next:CFF 0702 Block Chalk     Home

CFF 0701  chalk ball

Item description: repeatable with magnesium powder ballWeight: 56 grams left and right sidesFeatures: made of the magnesia powder into special gauze ball, when used as long as a rub with the hand, hand that sticks full freight magnesium powder, easy to use, easy to carry.Advantages: the product adopts the draw string mouth design, lack of magnesium powder, can add powder by oneself, can repeat use.The benefits of magnesium powder ball lies in small volume, size, size about the steamed stuffed bun.The outer packing is a self-styled mouth plastic bags.Also used when playing basketball player magnesium powder, used to increase the friction of the hands.Such as NBA players before the start of the game, James always like magnesium powder fell by the hand, and then into the sky, looks very imposing manner (Kevin garnett also like to do so).Because magnesium powder is very light, and will have a lot of momentum.For athletes, poles shot-putter, javelin athletes need to use hand grasp the movement, such as magnesium powder are indispensable.Acrobatics athletes, rings athletes, horizontal bar & parallel bars athletes can use non-slip magnesium powder.Magnesium powder can also be used for simple ground antiskid processing, such as playing badminton sprinkle some magnesium powder on the floor, can enhance the ground friction.Now popular pole dancing for fitness is also using magnesium powder, can have the effect of increasing friction.When making a big weights, such as for a barbell, magnesium powder is also essential goods.Magnesium powder is a kind of very light white powder, hygroscopic effect is very strong, can effectively maintain hand dry, thus increasing the friction.

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