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CFF 0309 Yoga column

2014-07-17    Pre:CFF 0308 Sawtooth yoga column     Next:CFF 0310 Brief sawtooth yoga column     Home

CFF 0309 Yoga column

Specification: 6 x38. 5 inches (15 x98cm) hardness: 38 °

Material: EVA

Color: black pink blue and yellow orange

Can choose circle or half round

Product introduction: the product adopts environmental protection EVA material, has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, odourless.Surface easy to clean, light weight, good buffer performance, characteristics of physical contact with comfortable, yoga column can help yoga practitioners to finish the balancing act.Can eliminate muscle tension to strengthen the core muscle strength and flexibility exercises in order to achieve the balance of the body, the effect of lipid-lowering toning can also make your figure in the crowd to stand out, is the indispensable equipment in modern yoga practice.Yoga column can not only stretches muscles and tendons, and it can break up the soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue.You can use its own weight and a cylindrical foam axis from my massage and myofascial release, break the trigger point, relieve tension membrane, increase the flow of blood and soft tissue circulation at the same time.Surface of the fascia is a soft connective tissue located in the bottom of the skin.It packages and connect the muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels.At the same time, muscle and fascia of the so-called myofascia system.As abandoned, not enough stretching, injuries, such as a variety of reasons, fascia and muscle tissue may stick together.This is the so-called adhesion, it can limit the movement of muscles.It can also lead to pain, pain, lower body flexibility and reduce the range of movement.Myofascial release is a doctor with a soft and constant pressure ACTS on the soft tissue, and the technology of soft tissue protractor membrane.The technology can relax fascia, eliminating scars, sticking scar at the beginning of the skin, muscles and bones.Using yoga column is very simple, but to make it to some parts of the exercise effect still need some practice and flexibility of the body.In the beginning, you should find the need to exercise the body, will need to exercise area from the top of the foam axis.Weight of the pressure massage will help and tighten the fascia.You can use the hands and feet support control of foam body axial pressure.Try to different parts of the body on the bubble axis, and find out the method most suitable for you, this also is very good.Warm promptAfter the warm-up, column doing yoga exercise.The column, in to soft tissue parts below you want to relax.• gently rolling on the column body, to train the muscle training needs.At the center of the column from the body to the limbs to move slowly.• if you find in the column on the body pain, keep the action until the place to relax., pay attention to tight or few movement part., every part on the shaft rolling several times, until you feel relaxed.Sometimes some discomfort.• ensure shaft under the soft tissue parts, don't directly under the bones or joints., for the first time using foam axis time is shorter, 15 minutes is enough.When, in the first place, in the exercise after a period of time to rest for a while.After exercise, to drink plenty of water, like after a body massage.If necessary, after a few weeks can increase the training time.

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