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The benefits of fitness

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1. Reduce fat increase muscle strength training experts to thousands of women have done a lot of strength training research, did not find any women with moderate strength training makes muscular uplift.Women who strength training 3 times a week, after the exercise for 8 weeks, the average increased by 1.75 pounds of muscle, lost 3.5 pounds of fat at the same time.Unlike men, women don't usually make body is developed with strength training, because the female body makes the muscular hormone levels only male from 1/10 to 1/30.2. The benefits of the gym - increases the muscle can help you to lose weight Along with the increase in the number of muscle strength training, the metabolism of the body under the static rate will gradually increase, so you will burn more calories every day.The study found that the body, every one pound of muscle increase daily in 35 to 50 will consume more calories.3. The gym - strong physique study shows that the benefits of moderate strength training can increase the strength of the human body 30-50%.Enhanced strength will not only make it easier for people to do some daily work, but also can make the person become fresh, energetic, by inside and outside sending out the vitality.4. The advantages of the gym - strong bones When we graduated from high school, in the bone mineral density is standardized, unless often engaged in strength training.After six months of strength training, enables the practitioners in spine bone mineral density increased by 13%.For the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, has a very important role.5. The advantages of the gym - reducing diabetes risk Engaged in strength training after 4 months, can make the body of the glucose utilization ratio increased by 23%, which is of great significance for the prevention and treatment of diabetes.6. The benefits of the gym - prevention and control of heart muscle strength training can lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, to maintain normal cardiovascular function and prevention and treatment of heart disease are important.In the process of practice, of course, add some aerobic exercise and flexible training projects, results will be more obvious.7. The benefits of the gym - prevention and treatment of back and joint pain Strengthen the waist and back muscle exercise, can significantly reduce or eliminate the pain.Strength training can also ease joint pain, strengthen the function of joints and so on.8. The benefits of the gym - to enhance competitive ability strength training can enhance the competitive ability of the athletes, so no matter you choose what kind of sport, it is best to attach the strength training, because this exercise method can not only improve your level of movement, but also reduce the risk of injury.9. The benefits of the gym - add vigor, make new friends strength training is suitable for people of any age.(although, when old people doing this exercise, you'd better have a professional to give guidance.)Go to the gym to exercise, make you feel happy energy without limit, still can let you make more friends.10. The benefits of the gym - maintaining mental health research at Harvard University found that patients with depression after 10 weeks of muscle strength exercise, compared with commonly used psychological counseling methods, all can significantly reduce the clinical symptoms of depression.The reason is that strength training can enhance transmitter "happy" the secretion of serotonin and endorphins.So, engaged in strength training will often have such a feeling: through strength training, not only enhance the self-confidence, improve the ability of dealing with all kinds of things, and the mood also become wind floating at ease.Movement of other benefits: 1, the normalization of the body function and physical vitality, promote metabolism, increase resistance.2, develop good health habits, improve sleep, relaxation pressure more fun.3, beautiful body shape, weight loss, improve the body posture, increase body flexibility and softness.4, strengthening the performance of the sports field, strengthen and beautify the muscle, prevent muscle atrophy and increase muscle endurance.5, learn the correct way to exercise, improve the body health

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