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The true meaning of fitness

2014-07-09    Pre:Human movement system concept     Next:The benefits of fitness     Home

Maybe everyone to the different understandings of fitness, but with the enrichment of fitness experience, understanding of fitness will also unceasingly thoroughly.Eventually you will find the true meaning of fitness, what when you understand the way of life is exercise you will develop fitness, start a new life.Start to fitness, concerned about most is the fitness method, the understanding of fitness is through the ways to make oneself have a better state of mind and body.When have some method of feeling already know some fitness.With constantly trying various fitness method and the fitness knowledge study, found himself a further understanding about fitness, fitness is a very comprehensive discipline, too many things they don't understand.Later, the basic form fitness habits, but will still because of work pressure and the change of the mood often interfere with fitness plan, discovered that really stick to fitness also is not an easy thing, then feel life mentality to fitness effect is very big, fitness to begin to realize healthy heart.After many years of fitness, slowly found himself actually are not alone, with our shadow, and obscurity in body, it is not without emotion, has the joys and sorrows.It like and dislike something, it will tell us with unique language they feel, if you understand and care about him, he will be a lot of help for everything you do, if you despise it, don't listen to his voice, force or enslave it, it will against the give you a general strike, let you can't do anything.Body is born with spirit of twin brothers, but it can't talk, he will need to feel spirit.We are doing fitness originally just mind and body of the conversation.We finally learned to respect the body, we should first admit that we are animals.

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