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What is the correct way of exercising the dumbbell?

2014-07-09    Pre:What is a fitness kettle bell?     Next:What is yoga?     Home

Here most of the action with a dumbbell or unarmed alone can complete, very suitable for the bodybuilding exercise at home.To practice to the practice site feel acid, swelling, fever, the action is right.1. 20 minutes, rope skipping, 500 ~ 500 (depending on the energy), under the high leg lifts to run 200, jumping under 50 ~ 100 (leapfrog to knee injury is bigger, don't do).2. Do a invention of aerobics.The setting-up exercise indoors can do, is of great help to office for a long time, must be seriously, do not figure save time and so so.Flap (1) and jitter the muscles of the body (2) shoulder movement: will your arms straight forward, grab your wrist with the right hand, pull the top of the head, my arms again and push back a bit, until his arms felt slightly pull, repeating rhythm repeat 8 x 4 times.(3) and breast movement: elbow flexion movement four times, chest expansion straight arm enlarge bosom movement 4 times.Beat your repeat 8 x 4 times.(4) the waist movement: twisted waist, repeating rhythm repeat 8 x 4 times.Is very helpful to the prevention and treatment of lumbago.(5) the swivel movement: lift arm to level, four turn left, turn right 4 times, repeating rhythm repeat 8 x 4 times.(6) on strike (: your beats repeat 8 x 4 times.(7) hook: repeating rhythm repeat 8 x 4 times.The straight (8) : as the straight left 32 times first, right after the fist 32 times.Step (9) servant leg press sports (wushu lunges, steps, "ma bu" or horse stance just look empty, bend and break step five.)First open the feet as possible, to stand, and then the body lateral foot drop, right hand holding his right foot tiptoe, left hand holding his right heel, shored up 20 seconds later, standing up slowly, then squat down to his left foot, left foot tiptoe with his left hand, right hand holding his left heel, also shored up 20 seconds, repetitive movements back and forth for eight to ten times.This action for everyone, but, don't look down upon such a simple but practical action, often do not only can build big muscles in the legs, also can stretch the inner thighs tendons.(10) splits movement: horizontal splits 32 times, vertical splits 32 times.Cross the splits to stretch the inner thighs tendons.(11) neck movement: shake head clockwise eight laps, counterclockwise shaking head 8 circle again.Repeat 2 times.Effective prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis.(12) the hip movement: this motion is genius back into style men's actions.First of all, legs slightly bent, backward pursed hips as far as possible, then, stressful, the hips forward as far as possible, moving range is bigger, the better.Repeat.This action can exercise at the same time the waist, buttocks, abdomen, leg, hip, let you during sex, more powerful thrust.(13) high leg lifts running barefoot, effective prevention and treatment of varicose veins of lower limbs.3. Squats and leg and stood up movement: A, role: correct O shape legs.B, starting position and action process: two legs and bipod and approach, prone body stood, hands on knees, push clip do in action (not let two legs), and then do squats and stand up once, then turn to the left and right knee practice 1 times.Repeat 5 ~ 10 times, a total of four groups to practice.In addition, usually walk as far as possible with the sole of the medial also can correct O shape legs.

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