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The correct use of the dumbbell and function?

2014-07-09    Pre:And the importance of the squat squat.     Next:What are the benefits of the speed jump rope?     Home

A, chest,1. The hypothesis put forward: the thickness of the main practice pectoralis major and chest ditch. Action: two armed with supine dumbbell bench, dumbbell on the shoulders, palms up, push the dumbbells to arm unbend, pause, and then a slight reduction.Tip: drops on twitter and an arc, make full shrinkage and completely stretch of the pectoralis major. Inclined put on 2. : the main practice on the chest. Action: behavioral essentials and recumbent elevated to the same, the difference is stool surface will be dispatched to 30 ~ 40 degrees obliquity, reclining in the above. 3. Lay down the birds: the main practice chest groove in the middle. Action: lie on your back on the bench, two holding a dumbbell, palm relative, natural two arms unbend above in the chest, arms peg-leg elbow to lower the dumbbell to low on both sides of the arc, chest at full stretch, chest muscle contraction force will lift on two arms arc reduction. 4. Lie on your back on the straight arm: expand the chest, practice before the pectoralis major, saw the best action. Action: transverse shoulder on stool, two feet on the floor, his hands clenched dumbbell end over the chest, on a shaft shoulder put to (down) the dumbbell slowly behind the head (feel chest muscle and thoracic stretching), and on the limit to lifting dumbbells reduction. Note: to prevent damage, lowering process velocity shoulds not be too fast.。

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