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What is a fitness kettle bell?

2014-07-09    Pre:The benefits of fitness weight lifting?     Next:What is the correct way of exercising the dumbbell?     Home

Kettle bell generally made from cast iron, there are 10 kg, 15 kg respectively by weight 30 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg, wait for a few kinds.In our country folk are also similar to lock a stone products, stone lock.Its usage and function of similar pot of fluid.When using kettle bell fitness exercise, can do all kinds of pushing, lift, lift, and squat jump practice, through exercise can effectively enhance the upper limbs, trunk and lower limb muscle strength.Kettle bell and dumbbell is different:1 kettle bell centre of gravity in the palm of your hand, dumbbell focus their palms.2 more than the weight of the kettle bell is fixed and adjustable dumbbell. Many of them are removable weight.3 kettle bell on the body more easily or rope, such as diving, weight pull-ups, a footrace with heavy armor, the parallel bars crank arm stand, volume wrist when used.4 kettle bell can also use the quadriceps muscle and toe hook to practice.Modern foundry technology developed by pouring into traditional and old kettle bell is rare.Actually dumbbell kettle bell, basic action can do.Kettle bell training may be more suitable for the explosive force training stage.Use smaller load and speed up the speed of muscle contraction, these facts may mean that some kettle bell training action is very suitable for some sports.Kettle bell training can temporarily away from power and explosive of the limit of high intensity training "but don't think because the words training it is very easy and can be used to make up for the imbalance between the antagonistic muscle group.Many kettle bell training action can both general main muscle groups.As a result, they help to compensate for a lot of sports physical imbalance development

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