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What is called physical training?

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What are the advantages of physical training for us?Physical training can improve cardiopulmonary function, and strengthen strength and endurance, improve physical quality and the change of metabolism, burning calories, serious weight control problems and promote growth, resistance to agingIn general physical training can accelerate the body rehabilitation, but should pay attention to moderate timely and moderately, according to oneself circumstance, step by step gradually.We have three kinds of the effects of physical trainingFirst: to increase muscle strength (strength increases, the action easier);Second: increase muscle circumference (increase muscle fibers became thicker, surrounded degree);Third: increase muscular endurance (repeat many times, but I don't feel fatigue).Different training purpose, training methods have change, will produce different stimulation to muscle, achieve different training effect.Such as: body-builder to muscle enlargement, muscle is surrounded degree bigger, then they will use a large resistance, less training program (overload training);Women want to reduce weight through training, tighten the flabby muscle, can use small resistance, more endurance training training methods.For strength training, in short training should be challenging.The strength of the training of high strength than usual activities.The intensity of training than the movement of the body has adapted to high strength.   The method of aerobic training to increase the load: lengthen the period of training, to speed up the training speed, reduce the rest of the time, increase the frequency of the training.Strength training increases the load method: increase the number, number of sets of increase, increase the weight, reduce the rest of the time, increase the frequency of the training.Principles of measuring resumptiveContinuity of progress need to select the ideal strength, training capacity and time to rest.Training of different body system will be more and more tired. After training, make through rest and compensatory nutrition in training stimulation system and the body recover. If training is overloaded, the body adapt to new levels will be higher than the original level.Factors influencing the recovery: the greater the intensity of the longer the recovery time, training capacity (group number x number of x weight) the longer the recovery time, the greater the women than men to restore slow, slow in returning to old people than young people.Ideally, the peak of the next training time with excess resume at the same time.Strength training - normally a part (chest, back, shoulder, etc.) need measuring resumptive 48-72 hours after training.If the training intensity is low 24 hours restore enough;Strength is very big takes 4 to 7 days get excess resume.The principle of exercise"Use it or lose it". If you stop exercising the body slowly go to the original situation. The effect of strength training to lose three times faster than the speed of increase to (such as: exercise for a year, to stop training, followed by a 4 months old) and aerobic capacity will drop about 1% from stop exercising every day after 7 days.Each trainee must avoid the exercise:Strength training exercise every part (at least a higher strength on Monday), aerobic training (x 20 minutes at least 3 times a week, strength > 70% maximum heart rate)..

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