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The squat detailed correct behaviour?(not weight!)

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Squat body weight training is proper nouns, and whether or not your neck after load barbell, or in each hand hold dumbbell (or) with his hands, and arms in the two outer thighs down operation.The squat and crouch, bend your knees crouch and knees all squat down.Knees crouch behavioral essentials: upright - feet apart (parallel or micro outside the horoscope, and shoulder are the same as or slightly wide wide) - next slow crouching, spine straight, looked up and straight forward), squat down to thighs parallel to the ground (static moment) - standing up slowly recover.Squats inspiratory, stand up when the exhale.The cycle.Exercise the muscles: main: quadriceps (front thigh muscles), gluteus, gastrocnemius and soleus and tibialis anterior muscle groups.Minor hamstring (thigh muscle behind), vertical spinal muscular (spinal muscle, commonly known as pork), abs, adductor muscle.Note that the knees all squat vulnerable.The squat, push-ups, crunches, at the same time practice the three movements, can exercise the body more than 600 pieces of skeletal muscle is the most main muscle groups.Before and after the squat, carefully do warm-up activities and cold body movement.Said prompt reply, you say "ass", is the gluteus developed (gluteus glutes and hip muscle).You say "hard", is to exercise the muscles strength.What do you mean by "calf" hard, gastrocnemius and soleus (calf muscle) and tibialis anterior muscle force.What do you mean by "one form", is the contraction of anal sphincter.Developed to make the gluteal muscle plump, besides the squat, cut squatting and straight knee hard also is a good choice.

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