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And the importance of the squat squat.

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Beginner's fitness friends, have been asking what's the use of the squat, just practice the leg?It is difficult to adhere to.Such problems.Muscle web editor now to sort out the following for you, let you have a good understanding the important role of the squat.Early champion bodybuilder, such as reg parker, bill burr, Arnold Schwarzenegger, frank zane, etc., are by the composite action is quite magnificent physique.Of all the composite action, the squat is recognized as a trump card operation is completed and the focus of the training program.Powerlifting training, the players have to squat as reflects its main indicators of strength.The squat training to the plan, efforts, will promote the rapid growth of muscle and strength.Sadly, many gym in modern times, the whole process of the squat has become a forgotten practice.Many people carry the weight of huge squat, but action do only stopped a quarter.Is regarded as "old-fashioned" squat racks, instead, the 45 degree Angle of the leg lift machine.Why is that?Because when they easily push up those 45 pounds a barbell, vanity can meet on an unprecedented scale.Training action - the king of the squat really lost its crown status?Apparently not.Top bodybuilder and powerlifting athletes to realize the squat is creating huge muscles.So, why don't the squat in fashion?I think there are two main reasons: 1. The lazy, 2. The technique is not correct.Look at the first reason: laziness.Squats are indeed chore, it often make people feel uncomfortable training, and it requires high concentration.However, the squat to train almost all parts of the body, including the calf muscle, quadriceps,, the biceps femoris muscle in his lower back, hips, stomach, heart and lung, and so on.In addition, when do squats must keep the balance of body, those who maintain the stability of the body muscles are forced to if training.Leg lift exercises, on the other hand, there is no stability of muscles were forced to participate in, because you are in a fixed groove promote weight plate.Under the back muscles are not subject to exercise, because your back is completely seat holds up.A leg of practice for the people who do not practice the squat, don't have the ability to use large weight to the squat.On the contrary, a squat trained person, can have no difficulty (in) the legs on legs, great weight.Although we often see handsome stars on the magazine to use such as legs, the leg extensions, lunges, squats and other exercises, but don't forget, they already have big muscles, and is usually placed behind the practice, and the main purpose is to build muscle line.Intermediate level of bodybuilders if can avoid that encourage action and focus on deep tons, will achieve even greater gains.By the way, don't just judging by the fixed number of year of the training is a high level of bodybuilders.No matter how many years you engaged in bodybuilding, if you have never played a squat 500 pounds, you still just an intermediate level.That will provoke some people, hurt their self-esteem, but in the end if can make them stand beside the squat racks, I also satisfied.Look at the second reason: not the right technology.I think you must have seen such people in the gym, he will be a lot of 45 pounds of weight plate to add on the rung, and deliberately some huge sound, in order to draw the attention of people, and do a quarter of the squat, still feel their work is really impressive.It's funny, because he has absolutely no practice to wide my thighs, his leg muscles are still little or no development.The squat, at least to squat to thighs parallel to the ground, the whole process of the squat will bring you the best results.In addition, I found that careful observation, the speed of the intermediate level athletes do squats often three times faster than world class athletes.World class players learned to control action speed, and can use more weight.If you practice the squat with appropriate control the speed, is easier to make progress.On this wonderful movements can also said many, many.In short, if you haven't practiced the squat, so now you should put it in your training plan.Suggest you arrange 4-6 months training program, squat set achievable short-term goals, training hard 4-6 months later, you will be persuaded: yes, is a well-deserved ace training action squat.

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